The Community We Create at Kaia

The Community We Create at Kaia

The space we create at Kaia is safe, accepting, and loving. No matter the experiences you have had or are having we will welcome you in and support you as best as we can. Thank you to one of our members for this beautiful and honest testimonial.

"I was diagnosed with PTSD at age of 28. During the worst of it, I was on very strong medications. Until I got pregnant. I decided to stop it all...

But it got even harder with postpartum depression when my baby turned 5 months. And the stress of work on top of it…

I had to do something to be a better example for my daughter. So in search of something to turn my attention to, I joined Kaia in February 2018.

5 months later, I am on the lowest dose of medication since 2010 and lost 25 lbs.

Working out with these strong ladies made me realize that if you can have the discipline in whatever the workout routine is, and put yourself through some adversity and some discomfort, then when that comes up in other avenues in life, you’re ready for it.

It’s about making peace with discomfort, and that translates into everyday life not needing things to be ideal all the time, because they aren’t."      -ZC

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