Kaia = Real Results!

Kaia = Real Results!

The stronger I felt, the more I wanted to go.

Like every other woman I know, my life is crazy busy. I have four children, one of whom is disabled, and a husband that travels most weeks for work. Each of my pregnancies activated my thyroid issues, and I flirted with gestational diabetes. Over the past 5 years since moving to Colorado I have looked and tried multiple different workout options. As my family obligations grew, I no longer took time out for myself. I had become disgusted with myself, which in turn made me not a happy and productive person. I would love to say I had a wake up call, but instead my frustrations added up daily. I moved around like I was older than my 43 years, and had various issues including plantar fasciitis. I was also embarrassed to go see my endocrinologist knowing I was at an increased risk for adult diabetes if I did not get in shape. No schedule worked for my current family situation, and then one day at my kids soccer gym I asked about the organizations that worked out there. Maybe I could workout during soccer practices. I had never been this out of shape in my life, but had never been a consistent exerciser. 

I was given several options, but the first two that appealed to me were Kaia and an individual training option. The individual training place called and they wanted to give me an online class. Nope, not for me. I needed accountability and instruction. I emailed Christine with Kaia FIT Lafayette, and received a response right away. She was very welcoming and invited me to come out that weekend, which happened to be their Halloween workout. Sure, why not. I arrived that Saturday to a find a group of women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. After a few minutes of paperwork ladies introduced themselves to me, and starting giving me encouragement. The workout was incredibly tough, but Christine had games and trick or treat items spread throughout. Just as I thought I might not be able to finish, there was silliness or a joke. I Could Do This, With These Women! 

Starting that Monday, I woke up at 4:30 to make a 5 am class. Home before anyone even wakes up! Over the following weeks, I gradually became stronger. (I will be honest, I was measuring the critical areas and not seeing any differences; but I felt stronger!) My 5 am group encouraged each other, and we added a couple of new ladies to the class. I went 5 or 6 days a week, always sore but happy after the constantly changing classes. The stronger I felt, the more I wanted to go. And then one day, one of the other newbies said she thought I was getting skinnier. Well, that made my day. Again, I went home and did my weekly measurements: no differences! But I could run up my stairs without breathing heavy, and carrying around my 2 year old was not a big deal. Picking up my 60 lb disabled child was not such a chore. And my plantar fasciitis was only hurting 10% of the time versus 100%. I could also finally do 5 push-ups! 

New Year’s!! Kaia has this program called BRIK. Another 5 am partner told me that BRIK was where she lost her belly fat and it changed her eating habits for life. And that I should try it, but I needed to be willing to commit! So I did. 

We began with measuring and I weighed more after the holiday indulges than I had ever weighed unless pregnant. But I also felt much stronger than I had in years. Muscle weighs more than fat so I told myself not to sweat it. This is what I needed: 

  1. Commit to the workout, done! Had been regular for over 2 months. 
  2. Follow the cookbook, and diet plan. Had to do some trial and error on this. 
  3. Do 600 abs a day. My husband was awesome, and joined me! 

My kids have extreme allergies, and we eat fairly healthy as a family. After reading the nutrition portion of BRIK, I realized that we were not eating fresh vegetables like we should. I increased our veggie intake, and reduced my wine intake and late night dinner habit. Late eating was sometimes unavoidable when I could only eat after everyone was in bed. 

Due to the food allergies, I was unable to follow the plan exactly but modeled the items/timing after the nutrition plan or tweaked the recipes to fit my families eating restrictions. 

My husband, and the ladies I work out with started telling me that I was dropping weight. The scale dropped a pound or two, here or there; but I could start to see muscles!! I stuck to the plan for the entire 6 weeks, and at the end of the 6 weeks I could see a difference! All that muscle that I had been building burned fat better than my body had been doing in recent years. I was stronger, a little thinner, and healthier! And my stomach area dropped inches! Four babies will have forever left their mark on my stomach, but not such a large mark anymore thanks to Kaia FIT Lafayette!

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