Kaia FIT Lafayette: Vivian Youn

I first joined Kaia in July 2015 in the hopes of toning up for my wedding. I never thought this short term goal would turn into a daily commitment and still going strong almost 2 years later! 

I’m generally not one for gushing platitudes but I do feel that KaiaFit has changed my life. Before Kaia, I would sporadically exercise, getting in a run or yoga session here and there but never committed to a consistent routine. I now exercise every day and it has become such an important part of my life that if I miss a session I feel like I did not start my day right. This to me by far, has been my biggest accomplishment with Kaia. Yes, I’ve shed a few pounds, I can now do push ups (I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t even do one full push up when I started) and I’ve cleaned up my diet but finally understanding that physical activity is a lifestyle rather than something you slot in when you can has been HUGE for me.

The best thing about KaiaFit is that every day is a different and challenging workout surrounded by an amazing group of women. As a woman in her early 30s it’s inspiring to work out with women of all different ages. I can’t think of any other gym or fitness environment that embraces body positivity and works hard to build on a healthy body and mind rather than purely focusing on weight loss.

I am the strongest and fittest that I have ever been thanks to Kaia (My 20 something year old self has got nothing on me right now other than the ability to spring back faster from a hangover!)  If you are thinking about it, just turn up. The community and coaches at KaiaFit will do the rest.

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