Kaia FIT Lafayette: Tekla Ayers

I joined Kaia Fit two weeks before I turned 40. I had been trying to get myself to start running again for at least 2 months, and I was just not motivating myself to do it. I met Christine the week before Brik week was starting up- it was serendipitous- and my daughter's name is Kaia so I had to give it a try. I laughed at myself the first week because I was so weak- but I learned quickly that laughter is part of the morning workouts and I could workout at the pace where I was. I was instantly hooked on the morning workouts- they are fun, challenging, and the time goes fast- I love the variety, including yoga flow on Wednesdays and outdoor running on Saturdays. The big motivation for me to start cardio and strength training was because of the lower back pain I was experiencing- I knew that I needed to strengthen my core and get my blood pumping on a regular basis. My back does not hurt anymore and my core is very strong. I love the early morning workouts- it is the only way that I get a good workout in every day- it gives me such great energy for the rest of my day and it feels so good to move my body before my family is even awake! Now that I have the daily routine of working out with Kaia Fit, I have the motivation to run again and now I actually run on the weekends on my own. It feels amazing to be fit and strong again- it is never too late to get moving and to commit to an exercise program- especially when it is as fun and motivational as Kaia Fit- and I love modeling for my 5 year old daughter the importance of committing to my own health and self-care on a daily basis, and being able to run and play with her with strength and confidence.  

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