Kaia FIT Lafayette: Guinn Nissen

Kaia FIT Lafayette: Guinn Nissen

A friend invited me to come to a Kaia workout about 9 months ago, and I decided that day that I was IN.  I was stagnant in my exercise routine, and this woke me up.  The coaches and other ladies at Kaia are so positive and motivating, and the workouts so rewarding.  I have gained so  much strength and stamina, and can feel the difference in my everyday life.  The workouts are different each time, and this keeps it interesting.  I never look at the clock, longing for the end of class; rather I am focused on the tasks at hand, and before I know it the hour is up.  I always leave knowing I have done something good for myself, and proud of what I discovered I can do.  I have a sense of pride that I am involved with this kind of workout and have stuck with it.  The coaches are amazing in that they positively push you to exceed what you thought you could do, but they also watch and correct your form and motion to avoid injury.  They will modify the movements to suit each person’s needs.  They are really fun, inspiring women who want you to succeed.

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